Dear friends and colleagues,

I am very pleased and honoured to announce that I have been selected by the Goethe-Institut Shanghai and the Shanghai Institute of Design of the China Academy of Art as the finalist and resident artist of the 2018 “German Artists in Shanghai” residency program.

I am grateful and excited to return to Shanghai this fall to continue my artistic creation and to discuss the theme of exhibition making and portrait photography with the students of the China Academy of Art.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Goethe-Institut and the China Academy of Art for their trust and enthusiasm for my work, which has enabled me to continue my long-standing Shanghai story.


在此非常荣幸地宣布,我已被歌德学院(上海)和中国美术学院上海设计学院遴选为2018年度 “德国艺术家在上海”驻留项目的最终获选者和驻留艺术家。