365 x Body deconstruction day x day in 2015!


artist statement


365 / 2015 is the attempt to construct a daily self portrait and to reach thereby the deconstruction of my body during the year 2015.

My body, which tremendously changed during and after my pregnancy in 2014, now feels estranged to me. Sharing it with an unborn for 9 months and becoming a food source for this little life is a natural and also sweet process. Yet, it robbed all familiarity that I had with my shell that I used to know so well:  the always working and available canvas of myself.

365 / 2015 is a day to day process and a consequent reminder of ongoing change, an observation of ageing, a discovery of my new self, a recovery of degenerating body parts and a daily exercise to use familiar codes with skin and flesh, regards and moods in non staged situations.

Our constant companion, the smart phone is the tool and the immediate posting on Instagram makes 365 / 2015 a instantaneous experience that doesn’t allow planning and directing.

The voyage over my body landscape will end on December 31 2015. Around 280 more times for me to  r e a s s e m b l e.

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Paris, March 25 2015