Susanne Junker

is an artist with focus on photography. Born 1973 in Germany, she lives and works in Paris, France. Autodidact, her work concentrates on identity and femininity. Additionally, Junker founded and directed stage候台BACK, an artist run space in Shanghai, China from 2008 – 2013. She currently resides at the Design campus of the China Academy of Art in Shanghai where she is teaching a workshop titled “Researching Identity” to propose a new way of teaching trough artistic exercise and empowering young students while discovering identity and individuality.

   interview # 6  , self-portrait, 2009, lambda print, 75 cm x 63 cm.

interview # 6, self-portrait, 2009, lambda print, 75 cm x 63 cm.

Practicing observation of herself since early childhood, Susanne has used her own body as a canvas for interpretation of social themes, feminist and female behaviour and turned around her meiotic exposure to firstly break the preconception of her then current job as a model in the 1990s and her own struggle with what she describes as "24/7 demanded perfection". Since then, she embraced themes of gender identification, the objectivisation of women and the use of sexuality in media via photography, video, drawing and performance.

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