Pavlov's dog gallery, Berlin Germany, February 20 - March 20 2015.

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Pin-Ups – everyone knows these images of young, beautiful women (and sometimes, but rarely men) in more or less erotic poses. These photographs have always been secretly affixed to the inside of lockers, books or wardrobe doors – on the inside of course – not for everyone to see. 

However, after a while, the photographs start to fade, they get dog-ears and eventually they fall off. They fall victim to time – a process that is inevitable. 

In the times of social media we upload photographs of ourselves posing in all kind of ways on a daily basis. We prostitute ourselves on facebook, instagram or pinterest etc. We “pin” ourselves to virtual walls. Sometimes we would like to “un-pin” us – but unsuccessfully so: Because the internet does not forget. Everything remains in the virtual long-term memory whereas the virtual short-term memory is constantly filled with new images every second of every day. There is no time to age, to fade. In this new form of voyeurism everyone looks at everyone and is looked at by everyone all the time.

What all the images have in common though are the desires they represent: secret, sexual, tabooed phantasies and it is hard to judge these dreams by political or gender sensitive criteria.

Pin-ups are the realisation of these desires. One cannot censor them, as dreams and phantasies and thoughts are free – that is until their realisation of course.

Dr. Judith Innerhofer


PIN UPs (concept Martin Mlecko):

Jeremy Ayer | Maxime Ballesteros | Annika Bauer | Hanna Becker | Boy Behnke | Kate Bellm | Christian Debus | Patrick Desbrosses | Uwe Ditz | Viviana Druga | Pari Dukovic  | Alexandra Kinga Fekete | Laurent Friquet | Lukas Gansterer | Alexander Gnädinger | Marcel Goetz | Isabelle Graeff | Meinrad Hofer | Hadley Hudson | Fred Hüning | ioulex | Daniel Josefsohn | Susanne Junker | Ali Kepenek | Frank Krems | Dagmar Kolatschny | Florian Kolmer | Paul Kranzler | Krystian Lipiec | Sean Mackaoui  | Martin Mlecko | Chad Moore | Daniel Müller-Jansen | Mark Pillai | Marlies Plank | Hanna Putz | Florian Raz | Johanna Ruebel | Ashkan Sahihi | Jenny Schäfer | Carlito Schiliro | Valerie Schmidt | Straulino | Eva Tuerbl | Dorothea Tuch | Nicholé Velasquez | Melanie Vogel | Christoph Voy | Lisa Wassmann | Anja Weber | Marina Weigl | Christian Werner | Paula Winkler | Martin Zellerhoff