stage候台BACK Shanghai, April 30 - May 20 2011.


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stage候台BACK is pleased to announce founder and German artist Susanne Junker will present an exhibition entitled "MYSPACE" in the gallery, from April 30 until the gallery's closure on May 20. This will be the final installation in the stage候台BACK Weihai Road 696 space, as the Weihai Road 696 art studios are being evicted on May 20, 2011.

The MYSPACE  installation is a three dimensional portrait of the artist and a part of Susanne Junker's bodysuit series. The exhibition theme expresses the artist's interpretation regarding herself, her body, existence, opinions and personal freedom. The work explores how some people, not only herself, are impacted by these matters. Using sex dolls, the original cast was for the Japanese market, with a functioning vagina, represents issues affecting women in modern society, such as rape, aggression and violence towards females.

As the last exhibition in the stage候台BACK space in Weihai Road, Junker also sees the installation as a silent protest against the loss of the space, and also comments on the art scene in general by creating a 'fuckable' artwork.

She has commoditized her work into a three dimensional sculpture that represents herself and her own feelings of frustration and general disillusionment following the eviction of artists and galleries from the Weihai road 696 studio complex.

Using a sex doll as the representation of this period of time in the development of Shanghai city and female individuals in general, Junker hopes to create an iconic image of the development of the local society that gives audiences pause for thought on the various issues she would like to raise. The work is also a commentary on the growing predominance of social media globally in peoples lives.

Text: Chris  Gill