to be like water


“The good is like water. Water benefits all things without contention, and collects in places others dislike. Thus, it is close to the Dao.”

– Lao Tzu

From this perspective, written as an eternal facet, how do we relate in our era to water, it’s quality and intrinsic character? Humankind, being in itself comprised of 70 % water, that which being the source of life sustains all known existence… how may we correlate this quintessence with daily and mundane interaction?

Where there is water, there is land. Where there is sea, there is coast. Where there is a lake, there is a shore. Where there is a river, there is a bank. 

To see her body as landscape surrounded by water during the relaxing and intimate moment while  alone in the bath tub at home or in the enclosed space of a hotel room, Susanne Junker has come back to imagine her solid flesh as grounds that is parting from the liquid, yet completing a natural understanding that frames the scenario. The knee turns into a rock, the torso turns into islands, thighs turn into a gateway of a cave. This lets the artist playfully created and notice surreal views of her body in conjunction of the triggering reflexions like a lake, the profoundness of the unknown depths like the sea and the layer that moistens her skin like drizzling rain. Achieved all due water, her photographed micro-cosmos showcases certain elements that water represents globally in nature.

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