Susanne Junker is an artist with focus on photography. Born 1973 in Germany, she lives and works in Paris France.  Autodidact, her work concentrates on identity and femininity. Additionally, Junker founded and directed stageBACK, an art space for experimental projects in Shanghai China from 2008 - 2013.



Selected solo exhibitions and projects


2013   ID-Identity shooting, workshop, presentation, with the support of Brownstone Foundation, Paris France.

           ID-Identity shooting, Women Museum Hittisau, Austria.

           Paris, Shanghai, Schnifis, 12C Space for Art, Schnifis, Austria.

2010   Vomiting world, Teapot Gallery, Cologne, Germany.

2008   Geiles Globales Gesicht - stage候台BACK #1, stage候台BACK, Shanghai, China.

2006   Stage Back, Galerie Acte 2 Photo, Paris France, (catalog).

2002   How can you make art in times like this, how can you not ? Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht, Holland.

2000   Give the people what they don't want, Street Installation Paris, France.

1999   Supermodels? Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht, Holland.

           Supermodels? Matrix Art Project Paris, France.


Selected group exhibitions



2015    the artist is not present, art is present, WuZoren Art Foundation, Beijing, China, curated by Tina Ting Zhang.

            community hospital, whywhyart, Shanghai, China, curated by Zane Mellupe, (catalog).

            playing with beauty,  RedLine Art Center, Denver, USA, curated by Mark Sink.

2014    mauvais genre, Addict gallery, Paris France, curated by Samantha Barroero, (catalog).

2013    secret 7, artist collective, several locations in Shanghai from September 2012 – June 2013, curated by Chris Gill.

2012    body noise, Museum of Textile and Costume,  Shanghai China, (catalog).

2011    Accrochage «Féminité 0.1», Maison Particilaire, Brussels, Belgium, September - December 2011.

            Aviation, 1918 art-space, Shanghai, China.

2010    Dialog IV Beijing-Jena, curated by Rolf Kluenter, Volksbad, Jena Germany, (catalog).

             X-SPACE- curated by Liu Fan, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan China.

             M120 re-used!, at Moganshan Lu 120 Shanghai, China.

             Groupshow, Eastlink gallery, Shanghai China.

2009    Tete à tête, Galerie Acte 2, Grand Palais Paris France, (catalog).

             5 Shanghai Germans, stage候台BACK ,Shanghai, China, (catalog).

2008     stage候台BACK #0, stage候台BACK Gallery, Shanghai, China.

             BCDF at Moonriver MoCA sculpture park opening, Moonriver MoCA, Groupshow, Beijing, China, (catalog).

             Rot, Aplanat Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.

             Dimension Fragile, Papiermachermuseum Laarkirchen,  Steyrermuehl, Austria, (catalog).

             Our lives, Xujiahui Art center, curated by Wu Wenxing, Shanghai, China, (catalog).

2007     L'oeil du Desir, Groupshow Gallery Brasilia, Paris France.

             Art Paris 2007, Galerie Acte 2, Grand Palais, Paris France.

             Eurasia One, Groupshow, Island 6 Art Center, Shanghai China, (catalog).

             L'oeil du Desir, Groupshow, Galerie Art to Design, Bologna, Italy.

2005     Nature Of Skin, Kunsthaus 3rd Photo Trienale Hamburg Germany, (catalog).

2004     Matrix Art Project, Mapas Y Espejos - Pirate – groupshow a contempory Art Oasis, Denver CO, USA.

             "Autoportrait", Studio Pin Up Paris France, (catalog).

2002     Chambre Double, Galerie Alain Le Gaillard Paris France.

2001     Human Form, Sink Gallery Denver CO, USA.

             Mue Couture, Galerie Valerie Cueto, Paris France, (catalog)

             Crisis, Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht, Holland.

1999     Amour & Concience, Groupshow Atelier Sevigne Paris / France.



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